The Beauty Of Naila Bari’s Education

“Life never stuck for your certification. Certificate is just a piece of paper. It is valueless and useless for implementing work.”

It was an amazing story when Naila Start’s her educational life. She was very much intelligent girl in her childhood. Quick learner and also very good in writing. She started going school when she was only 4 year’s old. It was pre-school nursery but on that time she already started writing the sentence which was absurd for 4 years baby. She perfectly learnt= how to sketch. Her mother, Momotaz Jahan was her teacher. After passing class 3 she changes her school as she was a girl. Her family decided to admit her in a Girl’s School. That was in 1994, she admitted Moghbazar Girl’s High School. She was so popular on that year, she made a lot of friend’s but after passing the year she didn’t get any place in merit list. She lost her friend’s. Back on 1995 when she was only 8 years old she can understand everyone is selfish, nothing called friendship. She doesn’t like to play with girls rather than she like gymnastics lonely. She has no dream, no plan for good result and no inspiration of life. She got failed in Bangla. Her parents got upset and they can understand Naila is not good in Grammar. Actually Naila doesn’t like any kind of Rule’s and regulation, this is her pattern. She believe in freedom.

Anyway, her brother MD. Moshfiqul Bari taken care of her learning process. Her brother is 8(eight year’s elder than her. She had bitten by him and but got very good marks and selected for scholarship. She never wanted to be 1st girl, she has no greed to achieve place in the class merit list. She always tried hard to learn whatever she likes most. She is the youngest one in her family. She like to swing and fashion designing. She loves painting and singing. Even though very good in acting. For her family tradition she need to select “Science” for her higher studies. She doesn’t like math but Physics, Chemistry and Biology was her favorite subject. She never wanted to get good mark, she just want to pass and read more. She got chance to study in Food and Nutritional Science in University of Dhaka. That was a four (4) year’s honor’s course. She completed her Graduation in 2011. Then she started doing research in Food & Anthropology, Food & Technology, and Food & Social effects. Her belief, “Nature is the Mother of all Education.”


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Changes of Education

She always feel that her learning process started just after her graduation. Because after completing graduation she felt that her idea of practical life is very limited. One day she was crying to her employer named Shawkat Hossain, the owner of Oxford International School in Bangladesh. She said, “I don’t know anything about practical life, what I did in my graduation time?” Mr. Shawkat adores her very much, he said, “Don’t cry little girl, in your graduation period you have learnt that how to learn. University teach you how to fly, now you are in the sky. You can fly as much as you can. This is the right time to learn. So don’t get upset start learning whatever you want.” Then she started learning.