Working Experience


Naila had been selected as regular program presenter in the state-run Bangladesh Television (BTV) in 2009. She hosted many programs for mass audience like Ma O shishu(মা ও শিশু), Shastho kotha(স্বাস্থ্য কথা), Krira Diganta(ক্রিড়া দিগন্ত). Her signature program was Rooh Afza Healthy Adda 2018(রুহ আফজা হেলদি আড্ডা), Rooh Afza Healthy Adda(রুহ আফজা হালদি আড্ডা) 2017 which was broad casted in Ekushey Television in the month of Ramadan. “Polar 5 Minutes” has been also broad-casted in 5(Five) Channels(Like, Machranga, Channel 24, Ekushey Teleivision, Gazi TV, Bangla Vision etc.) in Bangladesh. She was also working in a TVC with “Grameen Dannon” for Shokti Doi(শক্তি দই).


Corporate Life:

In January 2011 she joined in AHZ Agro Industries (Pvt) Ltd. Soon she was responsible for Business Development, Management, Research and Development of the agro-based industry. During her career she worked with several multinational companies, like Denisco, Kerry, Cargill, Christian Hens, DuPont, Scanpro, Patkol, Hassia and others.

Between the year of 2011- 2017 she has worked with Partex Star, BUILD, Telenor Health and some other organizations. She was full time consultant in “Triple 9” for marketing & branding and “Telenor Health Project” for arranging all loyalty partnership management, training, customer care etc. Later on she joined as a National Taxpayer Communication Consultant in VAT Online Project, NBR, BD in May, 2016.

Now she is a active Rotarian Nutritional benefit, Marketing, Industrial compliance issues, Communication strategy with Implementation Plan, Branding, VAT Act 2012, Public Sector.

VAT Day 2016



Graham Burnett, Tax advisor
November 5, 2017, (
Graham managed Naila directly)

Naila has been employed as a Taxpayer Communications  Advisor for the Project Management Consultancy (PMC) supporting the National Board of Revenue’s VAT Online Project within Bangladesh. I have known Naila since I joined the PMC project as Team Leader in October 2016. At the time of my arrival, she worked part time (3 days a week) with another advisor, but after the other advisor left in March 2017, she continued providing support in that area as the sole advisor.

She has had direct counterparts in the NBR’s Project Implementation Unit and has gained the direct personal support of PIU management. She has been instrumental in both recommending and assisting in the implementation of improvements in the processes and relationships that VOP maintains with the media.

In particular, Naila has assisted VOP with the development and implementation of communication plans (including assistance with developing terms of reference and costing for taxpayer communications procurements and liaising with contractors on TV broadcasts, newspaper advertisements, and infographics) and event calendars (including VAT service “launches” and annual tax fairs). She has had a particular interest and expertise in social media and digital communications and marketing, being responsible for the development of monitoring of VOP’s Facebook page. She has also assisted VOP with taxpayer incentive “honor card” and “lottery” initiatives.

Throughout her time with PMC Naila has been totally dedicated to her work. She is eager to learn and has demonstrated an ability to quickly understand and take responsibility for new work areas. She presents a professional image and has a pleasant personality and a strong grasp of English. I have no hesitation in recommending her for any future contract or employment opportunities that she wishes to pursue.

Graham Burnett
Team Leader

Project Management Consultancy in VAT Online Project

I’ve known Naila since 2011. I only can say, she is a burst of light and love and would certainly make an impactful and positive addition to any establishment. She is dependable, detail-oriented and extremely personable; allowing those around her to have fun, feel at ease and themselves in her presence. Further, she is intuitive to the needs of those around her, she is helpful, and would welcome and assist guests with the utmost care and concern. She is a connector and a fearless adventurer who would thrive in any fast-paced environment.

Farhad Hossain

SharePoint Administrator/Consultant at Gulfstream

She is a very intuitive yet inspiring professional who always comes up with creative idea of solving problem while she also guide you with a reasonable pathway to reach the goal. She is spirited and highly motivating.

A.S.M. Bodiuzzaman

Chief Executive Officer at Heights Group

During her short stint in Business Initiative Leading Development (BUILD) Naila Bari showed us that she is a self learner and willing to undertake the responsibilities assigned to her with dedication and zeal. Her work ethic and loyalty to the organization were noteworthy. We wish her success in her future endeavors.

Asif Ibrahim

Chairperson, BUILD

Naila respects strict deadlines and able to reach objective in effective and efficient manner. She is work-alcoholic and promotes ideas and newly acquired skills. Believes in teamwork and able to mentor colleagues through sharing experience and expertise. This strategy enables the team to work efficiently.

Saleem Samad

Diplomatic Correspondent, The Asian Age

Naila, multifaceted, charming and attractive young lady, having so many interest like singing, painting, cooking, good sense of humor. She is a good Nutritionist. As an Executive- Coordination at AHZ Agro Industries (Pvt) Ltd. she is very sincere, punctual and hard working lady.

Dr. Maltesh Motebennur –

University Librarian,Rajiv Gandhi University

Naila is a serious manager with whom discuss a project, she’s really accurate, careful, conscientious and scrupulous in the details.

Stefano Sani


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