Story of Traveling

Story of 1st Tour in India:

It was 2011, after joining AHZ Agro Industries (Pvt) Ltd. the company has decided to prepare a business tour in the March of 2011. On that time Naila was very young and promising employee for this company. Her specialty in international communication was convincing. So board has decided to take her in India for business development. It was like a dream for her. But she was only executive in that company. Passport preparation was very expansive for her. But she took some loan from her father and promise him to take that back.

End of the February 2011, Shakhawat Hossain Tutul, Chairman of AHZ Agro Industries Private Ltd. has decided he will take 3 person’s in this team Dr. Belal, Ms, Shuma, and Ms. Naila. But no-one agreed that decision. But Mr. Tutul was stubborn. He said, Naila can take the responsibilities. 8th March 2011, team got the Indian Visa is in the passport. 10th March 2011, 10.30 am was the flight time in Biman Bangladesh. Dr. Belal was responsible to take her in the airport before 8 am as International flight rule is to pass immigration two hours earlier. But Dr. Belal informed 8.30 am that he could’t take her in the airport.

Naila was alone and she decided to take a taxi and go to the airport with her mother. Her mother went with her to the airport and dropped her with her team at 9.30. Mr. Tutul was there with the boarding pass and take her luggage to the port. Naila was really very excited to cross the immigration  and take off throw the plane. Team reached in Kolkata within 30 minutes. A car was waiting for them. On that tiem Cargil was sponsoring the car and other’s. Team went to “The Oberoy” a very renown Hotel in the Kolkata.

1st day at Kolkata, Mr. Tutul gave a treat to his team. He went to watch Movie in Nandan, National Museum, Victoria Museum, Haora Bridge and Other places. Naila and Shuma was really very excited to roam around in Kolkata.


The 2nd day in India they have started for Bangalore, South Part of the India. They reached there at 5 pm and their hotel was a bit far away from airport. They reached the Hotel and that hotel was very small. After reaching hotel they sit in the meeting and they have planned to whom they are gonna meet. The very next day they have visited two different companies and their laboratories. After the day Mr. Tutul state a plan for going Tipu Sultant’s Tample, Mosque and Mysore Palace. 

They had a grate tour in Bangalore. It was whole day journey but the view of Bangalore is really very beautiful place.